Buy- Sell-Trade !!

Don’t want to fix your phone ? Just want the latest gadget ? Thinking of buying, selling or exchanging?

CPR® has many options to get you going again. Just because you signed a service contract with your cell phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re no longer happy with.

Let your local CPR store replace your old or damaged phone and help you find the phone you like best. You have options (buy, sell,exchange)

Buy a Phone

Browse our selection of expertly refurbished cell phones and find the one that fits you…and your budget.

Sell Your Used Phone

Sell ​​your old phone using your phone and start replacing your old device with a new one.

Trade Your Phone

If your phone is old then have your phone replaced. If your phone is too complicated then take advantage of the CPR Replacement Program, the options are yours.

Find a Local CPR Right Now

With over 550+ Cell Phone Repair (CPR) locations nationwide, a convenient mail-in repair program, and a growing fleet of on-site service technicians, we’re confident we can help with all of your tech and gadget problems. Use the locator below to find the service provider nearest you.

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