iPhone 6


Apple’s iPhone 6 was released in September of 2014 as the successor to the iPhone 5S. With a 4.7-inch display, rounded corners and an ultra thin body, the iPhone 6 design is much more modern than that of its predecessors. Additional features the iPhone 6 possesses are a Retina HD display, improved camera function, faster Wi-Fi capabilities, longer battery life, optical image stabilization and more. Don’t let a damaged iPhone 6 keep you from enjoying all that your device has to offer! Instead, use the following repair guides from CPR to resolve some of the most common iPhone 6 issues!


We provide problem solutions to all of the following problems :


  • IPhone 6 screen replacement
  • IPhone 6 battery replacement
  • Home Button Replacement

How Much Will It Cost?

Depending on where you take your device to repair it, the price will vary, and since broken screens and water damage are not usually covered by the warranty, moving any device, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet device, to the manufacturer's service is usually very expensive and should not cost hardware repairs. A big sum, instead visit CPR Cell Phone Repair to get low prices, fast service, free diagnostics, we even offer same day repair for some devices! please contact your local CPR store

Can we fix iPhone 6

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