General Issues

When your favorite electronic devices break or malfunction, it may be comforting to know that they may be affected by a very common problem, but this is actually good news. If it is a common problem, this means that an experienced repair shop such as mobile phone repair can generally repair it quickly and at a reasonable cost. Now compiling some of the best tips, solutions and advice that we have gathered over the years about these common problems that affect electronic devices, whether your device has a broken screen, water damage, overheating, charging or sound problems, or another problem altogether, let our professional experience save you. From a few sleepless nights it may also prevent you from spending hundreds of additional riyals!


Mobile data transfer There are many reasons that may make you


Follow the battery replacement troubleshooting guide below to

Charging port replacement and repair

If your smartphone or tablet charging port is malfunctioning,

Cell phone camera replacement and repair

Follow the troubleshooting guide below in order to identify an