CPR For Business

Your business depends on countless electronic gadgets and other devices to keep operations running smoothly. When one thing breaks down, so does your productivity. You can trust our Corporate Maintenance Plans and business solutions to keep those gadgets and devices running optimally. Your business is too important not to have a back-up plan in place.

With over 800 stores in our global network and a growing fleet of CPR REPAIR2U™ on-site service vehicles, CPR delivers unmatched convenience and value for our corporate/national account clients.

Solutions For Small and Medium Size Businesses

As a business owner, being connected is a vital part of your success and profitability. Device downtime for you or your employees can be devastating and finding a solution can be both costly and time consuming. At CPR, we specialize in keeping you connected and eliminating that stress from your already busy schedule. Whether the devices are corporate-owned or employee-owned, we can provide a holistic warranty/repair solution

Secure data protocol to ensure confidentiality
Nationwide coordination
Convenient pick-up/delivery service options
The industry’s most highly trained and professional technicians
No wasted time transferring/recovering data or reinstalling software because we keep the data on the device
ISO 9001:2015 certification

What is ISO 9001:2015 certification?

ISO, or International Standards Organization, provides the standards that ensure organizations meet the needs of customers through quality and regulatory requirements related to products and services. Organizations such as CPR that provide technical and operational training certifications, must meet the strict requirements of ISO 9001 guidelines. Over one million organizations worldwide have been certified, making ISO 9001 the international gold standard for technical and operational training in the mobile device repair industry.

More About Certifications


Why is this important for your business?

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, technical and operational excellence lays the foundation for quality and organizational efficacy, with a focus on standardized procedures, excellent customer service, and continuous improvement. Dedicated service, industry expertise and trusted technicians are the way we earn your trust and build strong partnerships. We guarantee to offer all of our customers the best service. The end result is satisfied customers who choose CPR Cell Phone Repair over any other mobile device repair company in the industry. We consistently monitor our performance levels through a continuous improvement process. This process allows each aspect of our operations and technical training programs to be analyzed and tracked so we can determine how to improve our training to stay abreast of industry changes. This process ensures our technicians are the most qualified in the industry. We operate to standardized policies and procedures that allow us to be efficient and consistent in the use of resources and in our ability to take care of our customers quickly. Are you using multiple carriers for your Corporate Liable lines? Your Employees using various carrier solutions throughout the nation? Not a problem for CPR. Our services are carrier neutral.

Employee Discount Programs

We can also offer customized employee discount programs for cell phone and other gadget repair or maintenance. Features include:

  • Walk-in retail store, REPAIR2U™ onsite service, and mail-in service options
  • On-site Employee day coordination
  • An internal extranet site link to communicate discounts and programs