FAQs About Cell Phone Repair

If you have questions about warranties, what’s wrong with your device, or how CPR’s repair services work, this section is for you! CPR has compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about cell phone repairs and our services. Get answers to our FAQs below!


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  • At CPR®, we repair mobile phones of various companies and tablets on a daily basis, but soon we will announce the repair of desktop and laptop computers and gaming devices .
  • The repair price estimate includes both parts and our effort .
  • The CPR Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects in the parts we install as well as those associated with repair, The warranty does not cover problems caused by drops or liquid ingress .

  • Older devices have been known to slow down if a recent software update has been installed because the phone’s hardware is not equipped to support the new features of the operating system .
  • After you’ve removed your device from the liquid, dry the outside of the phone being careful to not press any buttons to decrease the likelihood of a short .


  • Quickly bring the phone to CPR® and we will gladly take care of it and rest assured we will do our best to get your phone back to you .

  • Since every kind of repair we perform is different, payment is due upon receipt Except in exceptional cases .
  • Yes , If you want to backup data stored on your device, you have come to the right place , CPR® technicians provide data backup, data recovery, and data transfer services to ensure you don’t lose any of it.
  • The typical cell phone battery begins to deteriorate after 400 charging cycles. The average user will reach this point after 1-2 years of regular usage.
  • When your item becomes damaged, your warranty protection becomes void.
  • If your phone does not charge altogether, check to see if the port is loose or dirty. If it’s loose or dirty, you will most likely need a charging port replacement. If an Charging cord can be firmly plugged in, you are most likely experiencing a battery issue.
  • Typically we have a water damage repair success rate of 75% percent, though nothing is guaranteed to work and there is no warranty included.
  • CPR® does not sell parts or tools but We only sell refurbished electronics, accessories, and of course offer repairs .
  • While there’s always someone who can fix your device for cheap, beware of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair from the other guys often involves subpar replacement parts, further damaged devices, and more repairs needed in the long run.


  • At CPR, we we believe in using top-quality parts and upholding the highest standards to ensure we get every repair right. Our repairs are trustworthy—we use professional-grade replacement parts, provide lifetime warranties, and are always there to help with any future issues.